EVS in SKOPJE, Macedonia

EVS PROJECT TITLE: Breeding cross cultural creative network
DURATION: from February 2015 for 12 months
THEME: Culture, arts, disability

TARGET GROUPS: local community, children with disabilities
LOCATION: Skopje, Macedonia

Cultural Initiatives Development Formation (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia) is actively engaged on the art independent scene in the region for 7 years and by this time we have traced our path as an organization responsibly involved in practical work in the community with a special emphasis on public space and its use. Within the work in the arts we re-examine the role of art as a public act entangling marginalized issues which are essential for the quality of life of the community as a whole. This project involves continuous, structured and strategically cooperation with the special school of IDNINA enabling understanding of the people who are living in specialized and on the other side marginalized institutions in our society. We use the arts as tool for communication and understanding since we live in parallel worlds which do not imply many spaces where our lives meet.
Proposed Activities
The volunteers would actively participate in the organizations’ activities connected with art, photography, video etc. or within the special primary school age children with disabilities.
A) The participation on the web site as a tool and platform for independent critical thinking and sharing experience, thus involving a volunteer who can contribute. Development of different strategies of approach for cultural lobbing via different events, especially engagement in the FRIK Festival as a visible event which is happening in Skopje and other cities. Contribution to cultural events, promotion of different artists, development of FRIK network of cultural cooperation, contribution towards engagement of critical thinking are among the activities within FRIK. Activities within FRIK are going to provide warm environment, creative approach and support of volunteers’ potential.

  1. Taking pictures, storing, selecting for website and promotion purpose
  2. Making of videos, projection of photos and videos from EVS activities
  3. Movie evenings
  4. Promotion and PR
  5. Volunteers nights and fun time
  6. Communication with partner organizations
  7. Actively participation in FRIK Festival in promotion, participation, web contribution, photography, video shooting etc.

B) The role of the volunteer in frames of the special primary school would be nurse’s assistant and children’s friend and developing different strategies for inclusion of certain issues in FRIK Festival. During the lesson time volunteers would help slower performing children or assist nurses with school age children with their tasks. During the afterhours the volunteers would act as older friends spending time with them and watching after them assisting in festive activities, concerts, campaigns etc. Their personal creative ideas could be realized while creating the theater performances, producing various art exhibitions, sports competitions, and others. The environment in the special primary school is not stressful, the children are eager to work with people from outside. It is about a very interesting and special school which provides re-socialization in a very successful way.

Participants’ Profile
Our organization is working in different social-cultural environment and has experience that proves the need of open minded creativity and motivation to work. Those are the general expected qualities of volunteers, as well as sociable character and flexibility in different situations, responsibility and the spirit of volunteering. Due to the nature of work, volunteers should like children and enjoy communicating with them. Moreover, volunteers should be patient, kind, emotionally stable.
If you are interested to participate, please contact the sending organization:
Jaunimo savanoriškos veiklos centras “DEINETA”
Savanorių pr. 16-7, LT-44253 Kaunas
Tel.: +37037204055
Fax.: +37037203446
Mob.: +37061678461
nerijus@deineta.lt; info@deineta.lt

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