Short-term EVS in Bulgaria (2 months)

Ieškome dviejų EST savanorių vykti į Bulgarijos sostinę.
Erasmus+, Europos savanorių tarnyba
Datos: 2015/04/01 – 06/01
Projekto pavadinimas: #0NL1NE #T0LER@NCE
Projekto aprašymas anglų kalba:

#0NL1NE #T0LER@NCE is a project in protection of human rights and European values in the web space. It will last six months. Within the activities young people will seek answers to the hate speech manifestations in the Internet, due to racism, xenophobia, and all other differences stemming form gender, ethno-social, religious and cultural character.
The project will be part of the large-scale international campaign “Young people against hate speech in the Internet” and will include three main aspects – youth online activity, creation of informational and awareness rising interactive materials and conduction of presentations and conversations with students and youth, which will enhance the attention towards the dangers of the hate speech in the online space.
To ensure the teaching process of the volunteers we will use the methods of non-formal education, through which to increase the knowledge and skills in prevention of and dealing with the negative effects from the use of hate massages in the online environment.
The activities will be held on the territory of Sofia and its surroundings and in the case of trainings and seminars in the countryside, the participants in the project will travel with the team of the association, and will be part of the campaign in the whole country
The main responsibilities of the volunteers will include monitoring of the online social media, design of on-line brochures and materials, as well as research and organization of presentation in local schools. The set of non-formal educational activities will boost their intercultural confidence and ability to recognize and act against xenophobia, racism. The volunteers will be part of our day to day initiatives and youth projects and will have the chance to meet and work with lots of Bulgarian youth as well as other young people coming for our different EU projects.
Only candidates willing to take action against online hate speech practices and interested in human rights protection will be invited to take part in the project. Basic knowledge in English as well as knowledge of online social media is required.
Venue of activities: Sofia, Bulgaria
Themes: Anti-discrimination, young people’ free time
Targets: Young people aged 13-25 and their online habits

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