This project is now fully funded as part of the European Solidarity Corps – the European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe.

The project is a continued cooperation with some of the best public libraries of Lithuania which started back in 2010.

Please continue reading and you will learn more about the hosting organizations, project objectives, planned volunteer activties and how to apply.

Host Organizations

Comics center at Siauliai City Municipality Library

Siauliai City Municipality Library

Siauliai City Municipality Public library is a cultural, educational and informational institution available to every user. It organizes citizens‘ reading and information services. Library staff consists of 59 library workers, 44 of whom are professional librarians. The library serves 10928 readers. Anually over 196 524 users frequent the library. The stock of 214 528 items is at their service to fulfill information and cultural needs. The library is equipped with 117 computerized workstations.

Siauliai Povilas Visinskis Library

Siauliai County Povilas Visinskis Public Library, the largest public library in Northern Lithuania. The library’s mission is to meet information and cultural needs of the population in the region, to promote the development of the society’s knowledge by creating the environment for life-long learning and personal expression.
SCPL is a community center for culture and information, where community members can meet their cultural, social, educational and informational needs, socialize, and spend their free time. The library is actively involved in organizing various activities for cultural, social and digital exclusion reduction of the underprivileged region’s population.

Robotics club meeting at Siauliai county Library
The main hall of Utena public library

Utena Public Library

Utena library fulfils cultural, information and educational functions. The library was one of the first libraries in Lithuania that introduced a centre of public internet access and started computer literacy courses for citizens. In the year 2002 library was acknowledged as a model library for Eastern and Middle Europe countries for it‘s active work in a purpose to become a modern society‘s information centre.

Zarasai Public Library

Zarasai public library is a modern, safety, creative and harmonious environment place. The library gives every citizen an access to main cultural, educational and information services, meets the informational, cultural, recreational needs of readers. The library involves setting up a space in the public library on media technologies for realizing young people’s and families creative ideas.

Reading room with a view at Zarasai public library
Interactive open-air library event In Klaipeda

Klaipeda City Library

Klaipeda City Municipality Public library was founded in 1920. Library’s mission is to create modern libraries close to all Klaipeda citizens and providing all kinds of users with equal opportunities to conveniently use all types of universal information resources for cultural, recreational, self-educational and lifelong learning needs. The library organizes various training activities, excursions in the library, volunteer activities, new books presentations, lectures, art exhibitions, cultural performances, after school programs, programs for reader development, etc.

Plunge Public Library

Plungė Municipal Clock Tower Library is the oldest surviving brick-build building in Plungė (completed in 1846). The library strongly believe, that it will be globally recognized as the library which has the unique scenic and historical aspects and country’s leading library as innovative, successful, environmentally sustainable and hospitable for guest.

The building of Plunge public library dating back to 1846
“Manor history awakens imagination” – an event by Ignalina public library

Ignalina Public Library

Ignalina public library is a cultural organization. Its functions are information, cultural and education
events, taking part at the lifelong learning. There are 2104 consumers at Ignalina public library. It takes 40 percent of all Ignalina town inhabitants. The first strategic direction is strengthening public cultural, information competence and literacy activities which encourages the creativity and motivation to take part at the lifelong process. During the year the library organized more than 150 events: seminars on local history, educations on literature, music, health and Nature themes.

Objectives of the Project

  • To provide volunteers with opportunities to acquire new or improve existing competences;
  • Expand the opportunities for non-formal communication of libraries with visitors and the local community;
  • Strengthen the interest of various social circles and visitors of all ages in library services.
  • Promote solidarity between local and international youth
  • To enhance the possibilities for intercultural cooperation, especially in the small towns of Lithuania;
  • Foster the interest of local communities in volunteering and volunteer opportunities in other countries;
  • Expand the understanding of the local community and especially the local youth about the possibilities of non-formal learning.

Volunteer Activities

During this project (8-10 months), young people will have the opportunity to express their solidarity by taking responsibility and committing themselves to positive changes in local communities.

Libraries’ initiatives for local communities are not only informational but also educational, seeking the welfare of the local community, including its very weakest members.

Volunteers will work as assistants in the host organizations. Each host organization will assign volunteers tasks tailored to individual needs. In general, libraries offer a wide range of activities:

participation in educational activities for groups of different age (comic book creation, 3D modeling and printing, virtual reality creation, LEGO robot design, programming, creation of augmented reality apps); support for children with developmental disorders or disabilities; filling and maintenance of the library’s website; assistance in organizing events and exhibitions; assistance in organizing creative activities; assistance in the daily tasks of the library (consultation of the library’s visitors, assistance in updating the books, archiving them), organization of camps for children; guided tours, co-operation and joint events with other local (educational) organizations.


Siauliai Muicipality Library

Participants’ Profile

The general background requirements for the participants: volunteers who would cherish and appreciate the opportunity given to them and regard it as a valuable experience to learn and improve themselves. The volunteers should be able to dedicate their time and effort to the receiving organizations and their communities. The receiving organizations hope that the future volunteers will be active, positive, communicative, ready to help and learn. During the candidate selection attention will be given to how interested future volunteers are in the popular applied IT tools.

How to Apply

If you haven’t joined the European Solidarity Corps, you should do that first by following this link and completing the registration process. Once done, please contact us by email and we will guide you further.

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