Learn more about a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle in southern France

Eager to discuss environmental issues and learn more about how you can contribute to a better world than join us in Saint-Caprais-de-Bordeaux in southern France this May. This project deals with current topics like a* sustainable lifestyle and an eco-friendly environmen*t so it’s really perfect if you’re interested in the future of our planet! Often […]

Volunteer on ECO farm in Slovakia!

Come to a workcamp in Zlatná na ostrove in Slovakia and gain unique experiences and new skills while living at a beautiful eco-farm! “Put down your phones, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Slovak nature. For more details, please click here www.inex.sk www.facebook.com/INEXSlovakia www.youtube.com/user/Inexslovakia www.linkedin.com/company/10431007 www.instagram.com/inex_slovakia

Be part of an 87-year-old movement supporting children at CiA01

Citizens in Action and “Happy Children Happy Youth” organize CIA01 voluntary project in an isolated mountain area close to Elefsina, to contribute to the overall running of a summer camp hosting 140 children from socially deprived background. International volunteers will support in the kitchen and organize activities with kids. You will be part of an […]

Savanorių stovykla Belgijoje “Pasaulio spalvų centras”

This project is always very appreciated by the volunteers in the past years, and we’re convinced they will be please this year as well. Project is happening in an asylum seekers center during Easter holidays (06-20/04). Many activities are planned or to be planned with the local staff and can be (but not limited to) […]

ESC savanorystė Ispanijoje

Mūsų partneriai “Asociación Juvenil Intercambia” kviečia savanoriauti Ispanijoje. Siunčiame net 5 kvietimus į ESC projektus. Savanorystė pilnai finansuojama ES, o daugiau informacijos apie Europos Solidarumo Korpusą galite rasti čia: europa.eu/youth/solidarity_lt ANUNCIO-FB-IES-BEN-GABIROL.docx ANUNCIO-FB-INTERCAMBIA.docx ANUNCIO-FB-CAMPANILLAS.docx ANUNCIO-FB-ROSALEDA.docx ANUNCIO-FB-PABLO-PICASSO.docx

Kvietimas savanoriauti Italijoje (EVS/ESC)

InCo-Molfetta (Italy) has just opened a new selection for ESC volunteers. The project has already been submitted and granted, it is a Volunteering Partnership. The vacancies are around 14 in different projects located in Apulia region, here the link: www.incoweb.org/Progetti/In-Italia/Take-me-in-Europe-vol.-1 The deadline is the 13th of March 2019 All of them are GREAT opportunities in […]

Solidarity Gardens in France

Dear friends, We are sending you new a new workcamp project! *ANEC02 Solidarity Gardens 14/06/2019 – 28/06/2019* *18+, ENVI/SOCI* Centrale des Volontariats / Placement Officer Etudes et Chantiers International – ANEC Locaux inter-associatifs l’ESTRAN 9 rue sous les Augustins, 63 000 Clermont-Ferrand *FRANCE* +33 (0)4 73 31 50 49 workcamps@etudesetchantiers.org etudesetchantiers.org/ ANEC02_SolidarityGardens_2019.pdf