EVS in Bulgaria – #0NL1NE #T0LER@NCE

EST Bulgarijoje – #0NL1NE #T0LER@NCE
INFINITE OPPORTUNITIES ASSOCIATION (http://www.infopass.eu/en/ – Sofia, Bulgaria) finally got the approval for our project and we are looking for three long-term EVS volunteers starting from January 2015 (1 from Germany, 1 from Lithuania, 1 from Spain) and for eight short term starting in April 2015 (3 from Spain, 2 from Germany, 3 from Italy).
#0NL1NE #T0LER@NCE is a project in protection of human rights and European values in the web space. It will include 11 volunteers form four countries – Germany, Lithuania, Italy and Spain – and will last fourteen months., with the volunteers split into two groups, namely A1 with 3 long-term volunteers who will stay 12 months from the 20th of January 2015 and 8 short-term volunteers who will come in the late spring (first of April) of 2015 and spend 2 months in Bulgaria. Within the activities the young people will seek answers to hate speech manifestations in the internet due to racism, xenophobia, and all other differences stemming from gender, ethno-social, religious and cultural characteristics.
The project will be part of the large-scale intrnational campaign “Young people against hate speech in the internet” initiated by the Council of Europe and will include three main aspects – youth online activity, creation of informational and awareness rising interactive materials and conduction of presentations and conversations with students and youth, which will enhance the attention towards the dangers of the hate speech in the online space. IOA team aims to reach distant and smaller towns and villages in the countryside where the international group of volunteers will be more noticeable and easily attracting young people to the topic of online tolerance in communication.
To ensure the teaching process of the volunteers we will use the methods of non-formal education, through which to increase the knowledge and skills in prevention of and dealing with the negative effects from the use of hate massages in the online environment.
The activities of the mobility group for 12 months will be held mainly in Sofia, while the other mobility group of 8 volunteers will travel in different regions in the country where they will inform and educate the target group on the issues of tolerance and the effects of online hate speech.
If you are interested to participate, please contact the sending partner in Lithuania, CYVA Deineta.
Jaunimo savanoriškos veiklos centras “DEINETA”
Savanorių pr. 16-7, LT-44253 Kaunas
Tel.: +37037204055
Fax.: +37037203446
Mob.: +37061678461
nerijus@deineta.lt; info@deineta.lt;

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