Brighton Rocks!

Name: Brighton Rocks!

Code: CONCUK15

Dates: 24/07-30/07

Group size: 10

Age: 16-17

Location: Brighton, East Sussex, England

PROJECT: Interested in the UK and its culture? Ace! Concordia Volunteers are inviting young people aged 16-17 to explore and discover the British culture and language. For 7 days, volunteers will be using and developing their English language skills in a fun and interactive way, while also doing volunteer work together with a local organisation. This is a special project that will run alongside a large group of UK 16 – 17 year olds taking part on a programme called NCS. This teenage group will have a chance to meet these British young people, socialise with them and share some activities such as cooking a cultural meal, sports activities and fun evening activities. The teenage group will be able to practice their English skills with their English peers. After this project, you are sure to have immersed yourself in the British culture!

WORK: The project will be a combination of environmental & manual work with a local organisation, combined with informal language studies. The volunteers should prepare for various works outdoors. The language studies will be interlinked with some leisure activities. As part of the project, the volunteers will also engage in cultural activities. The volunteers will visit cultural sites that aim to develop the language level further.

LOCATION & LEISURE: The project will take place in Brighton, East Sussex, England. The project site is located close to Stanmer Park, part of the South Downs National Park, where volunteers can go on nature walks and do outdoor sports. Brighton is a vibrant city where the volunteers will engage with young British people their own age, exploring British culture and developing their language skills. Cultural visits and leisure activities will be organised together with the group with the aim of practising the English language. Visits to close-by sites will ensure that the group get the whole feeling of the city, and learn about living in the British culture.

ACCOMMODATION & FOOD: The accommodation will be at the Hub, University of Brighton, in Coldean, a suburb in the North-east of Brighton. Each volunteer will have their own room with a bed, and share bathroom and shower with the other volunteers. A first aid kit will be provided. There will be WiFi provided by the University. Please note that the plugs will be British three-pin (rectangular) standard. Food will be prepared by the volunteers as a team.


ACCESSABILITY: Volunteers need to be able to work outdoors in all type of weather, and walk a few kilometres on uneven ground.

EXTRA FEE: 200 Euros – covers the leisure activities, accommodation and other expenses. 2 leaders will join the group during the full stay.

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