Youth Exchange in France

In Lozère, FRANCE

Who? Minimum of 4 participants per country aged from 18 to 30 + 1 “leader”. Participants must be VOLUNTEERS and INTERESTED in the topic but no request for any special skill.
When? The exchange will take place from 19th july to 09th august.
Where? Le Pont de Montvert (48), 25 km from Florac, 45 km from Mende, 55 km from Alès). The participants are expected to do not plan touristic visits during the project! Please plan them before or
after the project dates!
Costs: Lodging, accommodation costs covered + partial travel reimbursement according to the E+ distance calculator.
Accomodation: Tents on a camping site

Official invitation can be found here!


This project plans to gather 20 participants from 18 to 30 years old coming from Italy, Spain, Lithuania and France. The « 7th continent » is the name given to a huge amount of waste which covers an area of 3,5 million km² in the Pacific Ocean. Through our daily consuming practices, especially the use of packaging, we are involved in this worldwide natural disaster. Even if the region of Lozere is one of the most protected and preserved area in France, and is part of a national park, the inhabitants of this region are also concerned by this problem and should think about a sustainable solution to the management of rubbishes and wasted packagings.
This project of youth exchange is integrated into the continuity of the reflection committed within the Passadou association : what do we set up so that every citizen of the world becomes aware of current environmental stakes?
The topic about the waste management is for Passadou a priority point to tackle, because, besides provoking in the oceans, the death of million birds, fishes and marine mammals every year, the plastic waste affect human populations today. On one hand, waste at sea increases the difficulties for fishing, and on the other hand, the human being at the end of the chain food, ingest fragments of plastics which can have ill effect on the health.

The activities break down into three phases :

  • A phase of exchanges about our behaviour in our own country and meeting with locals actors in
  • charge of the recycling management
  • The second phase with the creation of a communication medium
  • A last phase focused on the sharing of knowledges and the valuation of the project on the festival Pass-Pass which is organised by Passadou and a rural association Passe-Montagne.

We can take advantage of our leisure time to discover natural resources and local traditions of the Mount Lozère and in sources of the Tarn, swim in river, make some hike, participate in locals festivities.

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