EST savanorė Leona Muller (Wang Xiaowen straipsnis)

Leona Müller is a 19 year old girl, who had finished her high school in Germany last year and has been a volunteer for 9 months in Kindergarten – School “Sviesa” in Kaunas. Children in this kindergarten are mainly from 6 to 8 years old and Leona is an assistant of teachers.

1. Leona(Right) and two teachers in her class.

Leona is among the youngest volunteers. She says the reason why she wanted to be a volunteer is of two aspects, firstly, she thought university was hard, so she needed one year to have a break and think over the major and the direction of her future; secondly, she was affected by her sister, who was a volunteer too, and she liked the description of the project in kindergarten so much that she decided to come to Kaunas immediately. She really loves her job here.
Her job here is taking care of children when they have breakfast and lunch and in the noon break, also playing games with them. Sometimes she would teach them some Germany child songs, dancing, helping them with their homework, and bake some cookies with them.

2. Leona is handing out the breakfast for children.

3. Leona is helping the teacher with the lessons.

4. Leona is playing games with children.

5. Leona is drawing with children.

Leona says she was really scared during the beginning of her life here, for it is the first time she leaves home, and Lithuania is a country which has its own language and most people can’t understand or use English. She told a story that, at the beginning, once she talked in German with her friend on a bus, and the woman sitting beside her was angry and left. And long, cold and harsh winter made people not smile and also not enthusiastic. So she was seriously homesick.
However, this situation changed soon for the lovely children who gave her a lot of hugs and endless love. She really enjoyed the time staying with them.

6. Children love to jump onto Leona’s legs and play together, they are really intimate.

7. Leona with children she loves so much.

Leona says after the 9 months, she thinks she is more brave now, she can do a lot of stuff on her own which she just asked help from her family before, like living and traveling alone. But maybe when she comes back home that could she know how big the change of her is judged by her families and friends.

There is only one week left before Leona goes back to her hometown (correct at 2013/05/15), she says she already miss the children and colleagues here. She says she would come back to Lithuania and visit them in the summer of next year and she will remember those precious times in her deep heart.

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