EVS volunteer Manuel in Kaunas Botanical Garden

Manuel Marques Lopez, a volunteer of EVS, comes from Spain. He has been doing volunteer work in Kaunas Botanical Garden since April, and he will finish his project in December.

1. Kaunas Botanical Garden.
Manuel plays an important role in Kaunas Botanical Garden. He is in charge of designing brochures of botanical garden, and making new labels of plants with the technology of two-dimensional code, which is a really creative and unique invention of the tourism in botanical garden. He also helps with the science classes, held in every Tuesday and Thursday, doing science experiments and learning science knowledge, totally free for children aging from 6 to 14. Besides, he is a tourist guide of the botanical garden and a photographer of all kinds of activities held in Kaunas Botanical Garden.

2. Manuel in the Green House with the brochure he designed in his hand.

3. Manuel is showing how to read the information of every plant by the two-dimension code with one smart phone.

4. Information of label No.1 read by the smart phone.

5.A science experiment of mixing soda and citric acid together and producing carbon dioxide, So that the balloons can be made blow up.

6. Manuel is helping the science class to show the preparation of this experiment.
Talking about life in Kaunas, Manuel says it was difficult for him to live here at first, for he is not that good in English and could not express himself well, and also it is difficult for him to understand local people most of who can just speak Lithuanian. But, after a while, he began to enjoy the life here, because his colleges are all very nice and care about him from heart. He also likes his job so much, for it is really interesting and also helpful and related to his major, tourism.

7. Manuel is consulting affairs with the director of Kaunas Botanical Garden about the festival to be held in the middle of May.
Vida Mildažienė, director of Kaunas Botanical Garden, says high of Manuel. She said Manuel is very convincing of the staff here improving English, they would like to have English lessons better than before. She says Manuel is pretty useful and nice, he always gives good advise; He is good at computer and helped them solve a lot of problems, for example,create a new website. The international volunteers like Manuel are really helpful for Kaunas.

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