3 nice workcamps in Catalonia, Spain

Project Name: Montsoriu Castle

Dates: 05/07/16 – 19/07/16

Age: 18-29

Group size: 24

Organization: Consell de Joves daeuroArb cies 

WORK: The technical work will be focused on the following main aspects: cleaning of the excavation area, archaeological excavation, cleaning and labelling the archaeological materials found during the workcamp. There will be also some complementary activities to achieve the contextualization of the site both geographically and chronologically. The purpose of these activities is to acquire new basic knowledge about archaeology.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: The accommodation will take place in the castle, in a room with bunk beds. Portable WC and showers (no hot water), a dining room tent and a kitchen will be installed outside the castle. At the weekends, accommodation is provided by the municipality in a municipal sports center in Arb cies. Therefore the participants have to bring their own sleeping bags and sleeping paths.
LOCATION & LEISURE ACTIVITY: Camp leaders propose leisure activities in the afternoons/evenings and they are always open to volunteeraeuros new activities proposals. Activities can be relaxing, workshops, cultural exchange, gastronomy, astronomy, etc. Two trips are planned: one to Tossa and another to Hostalric castle.
REQUIREMENTS: Accessing: For socioeconomic background and mental disabilities. Not for reduced mobility. Extra fee: 20 euros, to be paid in advance. Basic living conditions. Participants have to bring comfortable clothes to do the technical work. There is no hot water (the showers are cold water only) The castle is situated on an isolated hill, 12 km away from the village of Arb cies. Accessing: For socioeconomic background and mental disabilities. Not for reduced m


Dates: 26/06/16 – 10/07/16

Age: 18-29

Group size: 24

Organization: Fundaci Escolta Josep Carol
WORK: The technical work is focused on recovery and maintenance of the archeologic site of Castellar. There will be different tasks: Cleaning of the excavation area and its surrounding, improve and preserve the environment and the access to the site, stratigraphic excavation of the area, interpretation and classification of the siteaeuros objects and structures, study and document archeological materials, arrangement of the archaeological site.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: At the building of the swimming pool of the village. The volunteers will live in the second floor of the building which is composed of a big dormitory, a pantry area, a patio and a dining room. There is an outdoor kitchen. The volunteers will use the bathroom and the showers of the swimming pool.
LOCATION & LEISURE ACTIVITY: Wide range of free time activities proposed: cultural visits, training activities, a daily assembly, debates, swimming pool, games, party nights.During the weekends the volunteers will have the opportunity to visit la Llacuna, the Medieval Castle of Viladem ger and to make excursions to Plana daeuroAncosa and Serra daeuroAncosa-Brufaganya i Foix.
REQUIREMENTS: Accessing: For socioeconomic background and mental disabilities. Not for reduced mobility

Project Name: ALMAT AEURO16 (CAT09)

Dates: 17/07/16 – 31/07/16

Age: 18-29

Group size: 24

Organization: Associaci Catalana de lleure formatiu (ASCALFO)
WORK: The technical work will consist of doing excavations at the Medina and at the Pla daeuroAlmat in Balaguer. The volunteers will work with manual tools: brushes, wheelbarrows, shovels, hoes, picks, etc. All the technichal work is coordinated by the specialists from the museum Museu Comarcal de la Noguera.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: In one of the villageaeuros schools. The participants will sleep in the sports hall of the school. Mattresses will be provided but there will be no pillows. Tables and benches will be provided for the volunteers to arrange their bags and clothes.There will be an adapted outdoor infrastructure to cook. The dining room will be located under the outdoor porch. The volunteers will use the showers (with hot water) and bathrooms of sports hall.
LOCATION & LEISURE ACTIVITY: A wide range of afternoon and weekend activities will be proposed: communication and recycling activities, traditional games from each country, activity with local kids, etc.There will also be different cultural excursions: night excursion to Mor-mur, Cultural visit of Balaguer, and an excursion to the Franqueses monastery. Two-day excursion from La Pobla to Vilanova de la Sal sleeping in a shelter (called La Tolla) with bunk beds and bathrooms with no hot water. During the two-day excursion the group will visit the salt mines in Vilanova de sal.
REQUIREMENTS: Accessing: For socioeconomic background and mental disabilities. Not for reduced mobility

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