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Opazione Margherita (LEG18)

Location: Montevecchio, province of Medio Campidano, Sardegna region

Date: 22/07-31/07

Type: Environmental

Number of volunteers: 20 (mixed Italian and foreign families)

Age: 4 – 99 (family camp)

Project summary: The project aims to restore the environment of the areas Costa Verde (Arbus) and Monte Margherita (Guspini) and to renovate the trails network, that will provide a valuable contribution to local schools for environmental education, and will promote practices of environmentally sustainable tourism.


Project: The goal of the project is restoring the environment of the two areas Costa Verde (Arbus) and Monte Margherita (Guspini) by renovating the walking trails and the watercourses, realization of rest areas, collection of waste and wildlife monitoring. The trails network will provide a valuable contribution to local schools for environmental education, and will promote practices of environmentally sustainable tourism.

Legambiente local group: Legambiente Guspini serves a very important function for environmental education and culture in the mining areas. It runs the Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability (CEAS) in Montevecchio and performs environmental activities since 1996.

The environmental education  is the main purpose of the center with activities for schools. Currently, the Center is working with the municipal government of Guspini and Arbus for the construction of nature trails, the organization of voluntary environmental workcamps, the realization of workshops with the schools of the territory.

Work: trails arrangements, realization of rest areas, cleaning of water springs near the village of Montevecchio, collecting trash on the beaches and wildlife monitoring, placing the CAI signs along the paths that lead to the coast from Montevecchio until the Piscinas beach.

Accommodation and food: Volunteers will be lodged in a former school; it has 4 rooms with beds and mattresses, pillows and blankets; 12 bathrooms and showers. There are 1 kitchen, 1 refectory, 1 projection room, 1 multimedia room with internet connection, 1 classroom-conference room for 50 seats, 1 library supplied with text and video tapes on various environmental issues, one on the main film library film productions of Sardinia. The building has architectural barriers and it is not wheelchair accessible.

Location and leisure: Montevecchio is one of the most ancient mining sites in Italy. It is located in the south west of Sardinia – in the Province of Medio Campidano – in the Natural Reserve Monte Arcuentu-Dune di Piscinas. It is 20 km far from the sea (Costa Verde); the beaches, the dunes of Piscinas and shoreline Scivu are famous because of their integrity and the coastal area naturalness.

Specific Requirements: good attitude to walk

Participation fee (No extra fee for children under 5)

1 adult + 1 child= 150 euro

1 adult + 2 children = 190 euro

1 adult + 3 children = 200 euro

2 adults + 1 child = 300 euro

2 adults + 2 children = 340 euro

2 adults + 3 children = 380 euro

Language: Italian and English

Terminal: nearest airport is Cagliari; nearest train station is Guspini.

Local traditions and upcycling in Dolomiti mountains (LEG22)

Location: Lamon, province of Belluno, Veneto region

Date: 30/07 – 09/08

Type: Environmental/Renovation

Number of volunteers: 16 (mixed Italian and foreign families)

Age: 4 – 99 (family camp)

Description. Project: Legambiente Dolomiti has been running the Environmental Education Centre in Lamon for 10 years. The Centre hosts several workcamps and summer camp every year, involving children, youth and families. Aims of the educational project are the protection, conservation and restoration of the environment and the landscapes, trying to build and improve behaviours about biodiversity, flora and fauna for a different approach, especially for the kids.

Volunteers will join these activities and they will take care of the territory and of the footpaths of the area in collaboration with the local population. Beyond that, the local group of Legambiente is doing educational campaigning about life style, Mediterranen diet and GMO’s products. Volunteers will be also involved in upcycling workshops to change the scrap of Lamon’s citizen in furniture for the outside or the inside of the Lamon Centre. During the workcamp, volunteers will discover local farmers’ productions and the biodiversity of the areas.

Legambiente local group: For 10 years Legambiente Dolomiti has been organising workcamps and educational activities inside an outside the Environmental Education Centre, in order to increase the active participation of young people and citizens and to increase the awareness about environmental issues concerning mountains environment. Moreover the club is concerned with some global-local environmental issues like sustainable agriculture, GMO’s dangerousness, eco-life style and hand-made productions.

Work: Volunteers will be involved in footpaths’ maintenance and cleaning around the EEC Dolomiti in order to make the way clean and safe. Furthermore, volunteers will do workshops about upcycling (artistic and creative regeneration of materials or scraps) and some renovation in the Centre’s building.

Study part: Volunteers will participate to workshops and basic training meeting about waste cycle and upcycling artistic trend.

Accommodation and food: Volunteers will be hosted in a building, former primary school of Lamon. The place are set with slepping-rooms, a common living-room and kitchen. A low-flesh diet, according to the global environmental problems, will be a commitment for volunteers during workcamps.

Location and leisure: The Lamon plateau is placed nearby the Primiero Dolomites and the Belluno Dolomites National Park. It is located about 80km northwest of Venice and about 35 km west of Belluno.  During free time, excursions as well as meetings with the local population will be organised, in order to get in touch with local culture and former crafts. Volunteers will have the possibility to visit ancient places and to participate at some demonstrations of former crafts.

Specific requirements: attitude to walk in mountains environment

Participation fee: (no fee for children under 5)

1 adult + 1 child= 150 euro

1 adult + 2 children = 190 euro

1 adult + 3 children = 200 euro

2 adults + 1 child = 300 euro

2 adults + 2 children = 340 euro

2 adults + 3 children = 380 euro

Language: English and Italian will be the official language in the camp.

Terminal:  Airports: Venezia Airport – Treviso Airport; Train station: Feltre train station

Majella, Mother mountain of nature and culture (LEG29)

Location: Pretoro, province of Chieti, Abruzzo region

Date: 19-31/08

Type: Environmental

Number of volunteers: 15 (mixed Italian and foreign families)

Age: 4-99 (family camp)

Project summary: Within the wonderful Majella National Park, we will work for the maintenance of the paths and, in particular, of the Faunal Areas of Wolf and Roe Deer, renovating the trails along Valle del Foro.

Description: Project: The goal of the project is the restoration and the maintenance of the Faunal Areas of Wolf and Roe Deer of Serramonacesca, the valorization of Pretoro village and the maintenance of the Park trails near the Environmental Education Centre.

Legambiente local group: The Environmental Education Center and Experience “Il Grande Faggio” is an agency for the sustainable development that addresses local communities, tourists, schools, groups and families. Recognized by the Abruzzo region as “Regional Centre of Interest”, it is listed on the National System INFEA and belongs to the National Network of Environmental Education Centres of Legambiente. The Centre offers activities ranging from teaching-scientific laboratory to hiking and mountain tourism also including voluntary experiences in environment.

Work: trails arrangements, clearing from infesting vegetation, placing and restoring signs along the paths and restoration of some significant places.

Accommodation and food: the volunteers will be hosted in the Centre itself: 4 rooms will be available.

Location and leisure: The town of Pretoro, of Roman origins (Praetorium), has nowadays a typical medieval structure. Among the most interesting relics of the past are the cave mills, located in the valley, where the millers worked with ancient methods until a few decades ago. Within the walls of Pretoro, the art of wood carving is still alive, although very downsized compared to the past, which results into valuable artifacts, as forks , mortars, sticks.

Overlooking the valley of the Forum and on the hills of Chieti, Pretoro is the north gate of the Majella National Park. The environment is rich in ecological peculiarities and popular ancient and fascinating traditions, showing the harmony between man and nature.

Specific Requirements: attitude to walk; the presence of herbaceous species in bloom makes the workcamp not recommended to allergy sufferers.

Participation Fee: (no fee for children under 5)

1 adult + 1 child= 170 euro

1 adult + 2 children = 230 euro

1 adult + 3 children = 290 euro

2 adults + 1 child = 300 euro

2 adults + 2 children = 380 euro

2 adults + 3 children = 440 euro

Bendra informacija apie stovyklashttps://deineta.lt/europos-savanoriu-tarnyba/tarptautines-jaunimo-stovyklos/

Partnerių programų pristatymaihttps://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6sRKEHFSO7BU0lvVVJDOVI3TjA&usp=sharing

Projektų paieškos duomenų bazėhttp://www.e-vet.org/fo/se1/index.cfm?e04=264133&qs=frame&dil=eng&css=2

Kandidato anketahttp://www.e-vet.org/fo/appli/index.cfm?e04=264133&fuseaction=new&mode=softvef

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