Culture and Homestay in Mimasaka (CIEEJ1601)

Dates: 01/07 – 12/07

Group size: 3 (1 male, 2 females)

Age: 18-25

Language: conversational Japanese recommended

This workcamp is organized by one of the CIEE’s most popular host which runs STV homestay program for 18 years. A volunteer will work in an area called Mimasaka KOSE (美作市巨勢). It is led by a local NPO named Torikaze, founded in 2014 in order to make the rural area more revitalized and attractive to visitors and new settlers. Their activities are based on a community center which was used to be an elementary school for long time. By remodeling the gymnasium, they host events such as music recital and matsuri event. They play such an active role in this community. A volunteer have a chance to stay with a local host family who have experienced hosting international students or lived in overseas. This is a second year CIEE Japan hosts a STV project with Torikaze.

Elementary school VIDEO

Tea Farm VIDEO

Music Café Event VIDEO

Work: There will be many events and works such as follows: preparing/participating local MATSURI festival, mowing tea farms and cleaning local temple, communicating with infant/children and their mothers (20-30s). Volunteers may also help issuing local newspaper. Volunteers are expected to work cooperatively in a group, and work well.

Accommodation: each volunteer will stay in a local host family house. House rules apply such as “curfew”.

Facilities: bedding will be provided. There are a washer, a kitchen, a lavatory and a bathroom with western toilet. Internet may be available. Please always ask your host family when you use, a washer or a kitchen, etc. You may need to do the laundry by yourself or your laundry will be washed together with family’s and be asked to help with it. Please be flexible and helpful.

Meals: three meals a day will be provided. A volunteer who has an allergy (or preference) in wheat, meat or fish can not be accepted because those are often served in a Japanese meal and a family does not prepare meals by individual request. A volunteer is also expected to eat rice, miso soup, fish (sometimes raw) as well as meat (chicken, pork and beef) on a daily basis without any problem.

Location and leisure: KOSE is located in Mimasaka-city of Okayama prefecture. can also see international workcamp diary at the bottom of this webpage). It is famous for beautiful landscapes and hot springs. The most notable sightseeing spot is the birthplace of Musashi Miyamoto (1584~1645), the strongest swords man handling two swords at the same time. Hayashino Station is located about one and half hours by train (JR Kishin line) from Himeji city in Hyogo prefecture. Their landmark Himeji Castle was designated as a national treasure in 1931, and the World Cultural Heritage in 1993. For the schedules on Saturdays and Sundays, please ask your host family if they have any plan made for the day before you make your own schedules. Please keep in mind that you are strongly expected to spend time with your host family on those days. Be advised if they have any plan made, theirs has priority. Please do not make any plan with your friends on weekends without agreeing with your host family in advance. A volunteer needs at least 5,000 JPY in cash if she/he wants to go sightseeing on free-day.


  1. Every volunteer must be able to ride on a bicycle for 5 km (sometimes up to 20 km) a day
  2. A volunteer is expected to be physical strong and tough under the strong summer sunlight
  3. No volunteer is accepted if he/she has a strong allergy in cats, dogs or house dust
  4. It is required that volunteers should prepare and bring things you can perform/display at an international exchange event. Pictures, CD, books, magazines, toys, games or snacks of your country are suggested. You can have your own booth, display them and give presentation about your country at this event. Also, please bring home countries’ recipes and ingredients. 20 more people will come to enjoy this event with International volunteer
  5. Clothes suitable for activities, such as T-shirts, pants, and sneakers. Long-sleeved shirts and a hat/cap are a must. In addition to clothing, please bring toiletries, towels, medicine (for cold, painkiller) and other things you need for your daily life.
  6. Rain boots are needed only those who foot is over 10 inch
  7. A couple is not allowed at all. We accept one volunteer from each organization

Remarks: During the program, you will be frequently asked to introduce yourself to local people especially in cultural exchanges settings. Please be prepared and enjoy that exposure. You are expected to have a good relationship with your host family. Therefore, helping housework actively and refraining yourself from going out at night are appreciated. Conversational Japanese and some knowledge of Japanese culture, history, food, custom and manner are recommended to communicate well with the locals.

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