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Youth Center Eilenburg (ICJA06)
Languages: English, German
Age: 18-26
Group size: 15
Dates: 16/07 – 30/07
Project: The small town Eilenburg provides a wide range of youth clubs. Host of this workcamp is the youth club Falle (“trap”) which is located in former Barracks. In the same building there are situated some more social, sportive and cultural projects.
Work: After the successful workcamps of the last year, volunteers are again invited to help in the renovation of the surrounding of the local youth center. You can select from various tasks waiting: to set up benches, to renew a volleyball field, to repair different enclosures, etc.
Study: Volunteers will learn about different types of youth culture in Germany
Leisure time: The leisure time program will be organized together with the local Eilenburg youth groups and clubs. The focus lies here on the encounter and the exchange with local adolescents. Also there are sports activities such as soccer, volleyball, swimming and bowling. In addition there will be a cultural program. A trip to Leipzig and Dresden is scheduled. You can get to know the rich history of Eilenburg through guided tours in the museum and in the cellars, located in the hill in the center of the city.
Region: Eilenburg is a small town with approx. 17 000 inhabitants, situated on the border of the „Dübener Heide“ and approximately 25km from the exhibition city Leipzig. Its rich history of over thousand years, makes it easy to call it one of the cradles of Saxony. The continuous rule of the Wettins-dynasty beginning with the Earl of Ilburg in the 11th century was carried on until 1918. Part of their territory is the state of Saxony today.
In medieval times and during industrialization Eilenburg was a rich city. At the time of Martin Luther its main business was brewery and in the 19th century it was a national center of textile industries. But Eilenburg also was devastated several times in its history, in April 1945, Eilenburg was almost completely destroyed.
As the only evidence of former rich times remained the „Sorbenturm“ as a remaining part of the Ilburg. It was assumedly built in the 12th century at the highest part of the 220m x 150m plateau. A loop footpath outside the castle wall connects the „Sorbenturm“ with the „Amtshaus”(deanery), the former county court. This path has been renewed with the help of the volunteers in the last workcamps.
Accommodation: The volunteers will live in the local youth center called „House IV“. The group can cook for itself in a modern kitchen.
Remarks: Sleeping bags and camping mats should be brought by you, it is also necessary to bring work clothes, raingear and sturdy shoes.
Terminal: Eilenburg via Leipzig. Airports: Leipzig-Halle, Berlin
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