EVS volunteer Rocio from Spain talks about her project

This week I would like to talk a little more about my EVS.
EVS is a European Voluntary Service, which gave me possibility to stay for a longer time in another country. I had a chance to do it in a nursing home, any library, community center, or somewhere else … I had also opportunity to choose a country, city and town.
EVS, is a real work where you have your schedule, your work, your salary (my pocket money  J) … just our functions are always to help others, because we are volunteers. In my case, I am helping the social workers. For me it’s great because it’s what I’ve studied and this is the reason why I chose this project.
I chose to work in a care home in Prienai.  This is a little town near Kaunas. As I said my job is help to old persons and my tasks are so different. I can help social workers in different activities as videos, interviews… also do my own class of relaxation, theatre, therapy, sports, help the old persons in their rooms or to teach how to manage with their Facebook or Gmail. Some of them wants to attend my Spanish club,  to learn a new language… There are a lot of possibilities in my job, besides of my tasks I spend all my weekends with my friends in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. EVS gives us opportunity to have much more rich leisure time, weekends, and holidays, visiting other countries or towns. This is because Lithuania has a good connections for traveling by bus or cheap flights with Ryanair.
I live not so far from Kaunas that is like capital of Lithuania for meJ, here I have all what I need.
I love this city.
Volunteers from our project have regular meetings organized by the coordinating organization DEINETA. We had meetings in Klaipėda, Kaunas, Šiauliai. We had a nice time where we reflected on our feelings, living conditions, our tasks, our problems. We have an opportunity to meet each other, to talk in non-formal atmosphere, to present our different countries. It’s so funny and amazing! During these meetings we also talk about our learning process, about the Youthpass, about our initiatives, about our personal projects.
For me it is very important to live in multicultural family of EVS volunteers. They are from Armenia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, France and Spain. They are really good friends, because they are in the same situation with the same thoughts, plans, problems… They can understand you and always are ready to help you. Yes, I feel that I have here a new but very big family. We teach each other to cook, to speak other languages, to spend time together, to plan holidays, common activities. I enjoy that I have a great mentor and tutor who helped me to integrate into a new community, to find my place in the project, to understand the learning process. They are the main figures in my new life.
Now I think about my own project… I would like to do something related with Spain. It can be food, dances, pictures… or something else. I want to share my culture, I want to teach them something useful, interesting from my country. People in my receiving organization should know more about my country, our customs… and finally about meJ.
Thank you and until next post!
Rocio Arrabalin
Spanish volunteer in Prienai care home

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