Youth Exchange in Lithuania “ART FOR EVERYBODY” – Call for Participants

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Youth exchange ART FOR EVERYBODY


When: 14-25 of May

Venue: Kaunas, Lithuania

Group size: 35 participants (7 persons per each country)
Countries: Austria, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Lithuania
Who can participate: young people from 18 to 25 years old (20 % of participants could be 25-30 years old) despite from one’s physical, psychical, social, cultural or other kind issues

What is our aim?
Our main aim is to show, through different types of arts’ (music, dance, photography and cinema), that every person can take an active part in the society and reveal his/hers potential by using personal talents, while being independent from one’s physical, psychical, social, cultural or other kind issues, if appropriate conditions are provided.
What are we going to do?

  • Participants will have a possibility to try different types of arts, to feel its impact, to meet professional representatives of cinema, music, photography and dance, who will be leading practical sessions, sharing their experiences.
  •  Before the beginning of the youth exchange participants will be split in 4 groups of different types of arts’, where they (together with professional moderators) will prepare 4 different arts’ projects (a song, a dance, short film and photo exhibition), which will be presented in public, during the feast of Kaunas city.
  • Participants, including local youngsters (from 60 to 400 people), will prepare a „Giant words“ flash mob. The process will be seen in public and filmed from above. Moreover, youngsters will be involved in musical video filming (if they’ll agree).
  • Participants will be taken to our capital city Vilnius and historical town Trakai encircled by several lakes, where they will have a chance to take a closer look at Lithuanian cultural and historical heritage.
  • Participants will be an active part of cultural evenings, interactive thematic afternoons lead by national groups.

Why should you participate?

  • You will get to know the arts and will create interesting/unique arts’ projects together with professional artist. Your projects will be performed during one of the biggest events in Kaunas city;
  • You will take part in flash mob, massive picnic and musical video filming;
  • You’ll learn new creative ways of realizing yourself and your ideas;
  • You will meet many interesting young people from different countries of Europe and will have a chance to share your cultural experiences;
  • You will have a possibility to know yourself better and to increase your self-confidence;
  • You will have an opportunity to discover your own professional vocation;
  • You’ll get the basics of team work and cooperation or deepen your knowledge in this field;
  • You’ll improve your English skills and maybe learn basics of some other languages;
  • You will explore several cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai) of Lithuania and will have a chance to get to know its’ culture better.

Who can participate?
The youth exchange is designed for youngsters who:

  • Are 18-25 years old (in some cases 25-30);
  • Are motivated and ready to gain new experience/develop themselves;
  • Are open for new ideas and cooperation with other people;
  • Are willing to be a part of colorful international and intercultural team;
  • Are responsible and available to attend the full duration of the youth exchange;
  • Are ready to participate in all the activities of youth exchange (from early morning till late night);
  • Are ready to share the room with 4 or 5 other youngsters from different countries;
  • Are able to communicate in English language (we can make an exception participant with high motivation).

How much will it cost?
The project covers 100% of accommodation/food and 100% of the travel costs, till the maximum budget foreseen by the distance calculator of Erasmus+. We kindly ask you to look for good ticket prices, so you would have all the travel expenses covered.
Official budget for travel reimbursement, according the travel distance per participant:

Country Number of participants Maximum budget for reimbursement per person (both ways)

Austria    (500 – 1999 KM)


170 EUR

Romania  (500 – 1999 KM)


170 EUR

Slovenia   (500 – 1999 KM)


170 EUR

Spain       (2000 – 2999 KM)


270 EUR

Apply for the project:
If you have any questions or remarks- don’t hesitate to contact us!
Contacts: +370 672 33 606, +370 670 89 171
We are waiting for your application forms till the 28th of April, 2015!

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