Youth Camp in Tallinn 25.08.2013-30.08.2013

Young Europeans for Global Change

Volunteers take Action!

Youth Camp in Tallinn 25.08.2013-30.08.2013

You are an international volunteer or have participated in a voluntary service abroad?

You are interested in global themes, be it human rights, climate change, fair trade, financial crises, youth unemployment, integration and globalization … – but you need other motivated people around you to start your engagement? Or do you lack support in how to organize activities such as flash mobs, petitions, workshops and seminars or whatever may be on your mind?

This is your chance to meet with an international bunch of young people (from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Finland and several African and Asian countries) and be given space, time and support to start your own projects and exchange on best practices in global education in “old” and “new” EU member states.

Experienced volunteers and global education campaigners will share their experiences and theoretical as well as practical knowledge with you. Participants will have an opportunity to plan their own project or to co-design and get involved in two international global education projects within respective working groups:

  1. You can participate in working groups to plan and lead a week-long caravan tour aiming at raising awareness about global issues among young people in the rural parts ofEstonia,LithuaniaandLatviain October 2013.
  2. You can be part of an international Youth Action Day which will be happening in December2013 inall participating European countries with a joint video production and international organization team.
  3. You can propose your own idea for a campaign or project – and find followers to run it with you!


Fill out the registration form by the 30th of June and e-mail it to:    – places are limited! For those who receive a verification of participation, the expenses concerning travels, accommodation and food are covered by European funding.

This youth camp is part of two-year project called “Young European for Global Development”. The aim of this project is to raise awareness about global issues among the participating volunteers and to increase their engagement in global themes through theoretical and practical knowledge about global education. The participating organizations are EstYES (Estonia), Deineta (Lithuania), Jasma (Latvia), Inex-SDA (Czech Republic) and CulturCooperation (Germany).

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