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International youth voluntary workcamps

International Volunteer Workcamps are organised by Alliance members either on a national or regional basis but always in partnership with local communities. They engage the volunteer groups in a wide diversity of community development tasks including environmental, construction, renovation, social, cultural and archaeological work. Amongst Alliance members there are many examples of projects which have pioneered new working methods and produced dynamic results. The projects generally last 2 – 3 weeks and consist of about 10 – 20 volunteers drawn from a number of countries. Projects are often in remote areas, in regions where local people may have minimal opportunity for meeting others from different countries. The volunteer groups bring new ideas and experiences into communities, providing a stimulus for ongoing work. The individual volunteers benefit from the interaction both within the group and with the local communities. The experience gives them the opportunity to travel to another country, use their time productively and make a positive contribution to the local community. They also have the chance to widen their horizons through meeting and learning from each other and local people.

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